Sunday, 29 July 2012

Weekend Away


i've been away in Skipton this weekend, not Wifi and its been nice but missed blogging.

i have taken a few pictures i need to post and i've also got 3 lots of NOTD posts as well as OOTD posts and pictures of all the lovely things i've bought this weekend.

i'm going to try and do 2 big catch ups tomorrow night as well.

Next weekend i'm away at Lytham Proms Friday - Monday, that will be a busy wifi weekend as well.

I've also got a Hen Do in Scotland coming up 17th - 19th August and that place has no mobile phone reception so i doubt there will be wifi.

i'm aslo thinking about going to the Leeds Clothes swap 26th August, i need to find the link for this and check trains etc.

does anyone know if these kind of events are ever done in Manchester or at least Lancashire? I'm not far from Leeds.


  1. Hi the hen do i'm going on will be HERE

    Looks interesting, not sure it's my cuppa tea but i've got a tent, sleeping back and a torch so i'm sure i'll be fine !!!!


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