Thursday, 19 July 2012

ASOS £100 Blogger Challenge : My Turn

I have noticed a few of these ASOS £100 challenge posts and didn't realise it was a competition, i guess i just looked at the pictures, but I've just read Sarah Lou's post and seen the link to the original post on discountcoder

As a newbie to on-line shopping decided I'd have ago how hard can it be, well as a confirmed sales shopper pretty easy however as the post said no discounts or code i decided to test myself to "buy" full priced items, things i might normally over look as i always select sale!

I did change the price selection bar down to under £30 for all categorises i looked at mainly to restrict my choices and make it easier for me to see the wood for the trees.

initially i was going to look for a dress down Friday outfit but decided to stick to what i love best DRESSES.

I chose a skater style dress as i love the shape of these dresses and think they suit me, others my differ but pffttt to you. :0)

Shoe's i stuck to my beloved flats and went with these cute pumps that have a bit of colour as the dress is all one colour,

Accessories, I'm a massive fan of the 'tash. Magnum PI, Poirot I'm your girl so went with earring and necklace and added a cute happiness bangle for good measure and because i was under budget

Handbag i fell in love with the 'Hog i might have to have him in real life if i win which i very much doubt i will.

The only time I've ever won anything I'd lost the raffle ticket and even though my name was on the back of the drawn one i couldn't have the Prize i was 8 at a school disco and i think it was only a bottle of panda pop but i was gutted) ops i seem to have included a Hex Factor'esc sob story!

even if i don't win i had fun picking and choosing full priced items and I've still got £2.00 left for a b bag of chips

Everything I've picked I'd gladly wear and own, it might not be very exciting but i've gone for what i'd wear and i might even buy
Dress £30
Necklace £6
Bangle £6
Earrings £6
Bag £25
Shoes £25
Total £98

Enjoy xxx

Love Stefi


  1. this looks amazing, that dress is gorgeous

    be sure to check out my look x

    1. Thank you, i'm sure i'd already replied to this.

      i love the outfit you have put together, it is very cute


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