Monday, 16 July 2012

ASOS Curve - Part 2, The Delivery

I am impressed!

I ordered some items around 11PM on Thursday night from ASOS Curve  and they'd arrived before 9AM today.
Clap Hands its arrived
I make that 1/2 day delivery excluding weekend. I'd had chosen the free 6 day dlivery, mainly because I am loathed to pay for P&P i really hate it. I got an email on Saturday night at 11PM to day the items had been dispatched, but i assumed they go and sit in a warehouse till Friday just to tease me, but no i got to work (late ops) and our receptionist messaged me to say a parcle had arrived. i did mean to give her a heads up but I didn't get the chance.

As I'm still in work I've not had a chance to try things on, but i have opened them and felt the fabrics. I'm disappointed by one dress as it feels and looks very thin but i will reserve judgement until i can try them on.

Sneaky Peak
I'm really excited to get home and try them on!

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