Thursday, 12 July 2012

Trying Something New

Despite my best (ahem ahem) efforts I've not been very successful at losing weight, i keep making an attempt but i like naughty food too much!

So as a slight distraction i am going to blog about what I'm wearing.

I was going to start a new blog but as this is about my 4th one i thought I'd just use this one.

i might un-hide my previous posts one day in the future but for now they will remain in draft format.

No picture as yet i will try and remedy this later today.

Shoes - Black ballet pumps with gold toes £5 from Republic Outlet last weekend.

Trousers - Black wide leg jersey palazzo pants from Tesco £10-12

Top - Black and purple 3/4 sleeve top from M&S but bought from a charity shop in Skipton for around £5

Make up - None

Hair - down middle parting and held back with a hair grip on each side

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