Sunday, 22 July 2012

Lees Village Fair

Photo heavy post...

Today was the Village fair and it was such a lovely warm, sunny day, My friend who has a sweet shop (The Choc Box) had a stall.
We had a wander round, i was really impressed how many people turned up and my friends stall seemed to be doing really well, here are the pictures i took of her stall. We bought some of the HP sauce crisps for la papa, a bag of sweets and i got a mixed bag of kiddie sweets, all now demolished. 

Hazelnut Bakery where i got yesterdays cupcake from had a stall selling already decorated and some you could decorate yourself, we opted for the pre-decorated ones....i'd tell you i did them myself but you'd all know i wasn't telling the truth.

There were a couple of different jewelry stalls, my mum got a bracelet and i bought some Hello Kitty Earrings, i know i'm a bit old for HK but i do love all things and i'm surprised i  managed to restrain myself. I didn't notice any leaflets or business cards for this stall,  but i will post a better picture of the earrings i got when i get a chance 
The Choc box's neighbour Curious Alice was also there selling clothes, which are very nice but far too small for me and some cute bags, scarves and necklaces
There was an avon stall and we got some makeup for bargain prices, no photos as yet sadly, but we got 2 lip glosses, a lipstick, mascara, eye shadows and a nail varnish and it was £8.

There was 2 stalls selling soaps and candles one i think was called bubbles and flames (could be totally wrong) and her stall was cute
But i fell in love with Ma's Bars and i must have been over about 5 times before buying something, i kind of felt like i should, and the person manning the stall was lovely, telling me about the products and telling me not to eat things (I didn't but they smelt good enough to eat)

Body Butters, bath bombs, home made soaps. I have stupid skin and get eczema a lot so didn't go mad and just bought a bar of soap i think i was lemon and rosemary but can't remember (doh!)

These are the pictures i look of this stall

 The next 2 stall's along was also clothes and accessories and i did like a lot of the things but i didn't buy anything

They had loads of activities on for kiddies, a bouncy side, face painting, badge making, circus games, football, donkey rides
After an hour or so we needed another drink, the club house was packed so we popped to the pub across the road for a sit down in the Beer Garden, my mum then left me to visit my gran and went back.

I spotted the Dr Kershaws Knitting group and they'd been making things to sell, this is a charity i support so i had a go on the guess my birthday game and bought 2 hair slides (i doubt i'd wear them and i should have just given them money) but i did hear one of the say they'd made £95 so far and that was at half 2. (wooo for them)

I offered to watch my friends stall while she went to get a drink as it was quite as soon as she left loads of kids came over, most things had prices on but some i didn't know but the kids just stood and waited i'd have stalked off.

This is a view from the other side 

I had a fab day. i'm so glad we went down

i do plan to come back to this post and add some links but pretty much everything i've mentioned should be able to be found on google. 

Love Stefi

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  1. it looks like you had a fab time love all the pictures the food looks rally yummy! xx


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