Sunday, 15 July 2012

OOTD Sunday et al

Today I went to CrownPoint in Denton with 2 of my friends for a look round the shops.
I wore Jeans from New Look Inspire, they are just the basic £11.99 pair but they are my favourite jeans and I wear them all the time, Nights out, Dress Down days at work, weekends.
A black Vest from Tesco and a Gold lacy top over the top from Primark
The picture is an awful one as I didn’t realise how bad the lighting was in New Looks 
Changing rooms

Shoes Are from TK Maxx 

The main reason for going to Crownpoint was to help my friend get some clothes for her holiday, but we couldn’t find anything she liked.

I have lent her a few outfits and I hope she takes them, wears them, and has a fab time.

There is nothing worse than being on holiday with clothes that aren’t suitable or feel uncomfortable.

We had a trying on session in New Look
 and here’s what I tried on.
A Blue lacy dress I tried on a 22 and I think I could have got away with a 20’s, I really liked this dress but due to the number of dresses I’ve bought since Thursday I decided to put it back and pray it goes into the sale.

Brown Leopard Print Dip Hem Dress this was with the sale items but didn’t have a tag on and I didn’t realise until after I’d tried it on I’d picked up a size 26, alas it was a tad too big, my friend said it looked really nice, I however felt like I was in an episode of the Flintstones and asked for a Bone to put in my hair

Black Zig Zag Print Dress I love the print of this dress, the sleeves on the other hand really let it down in my opinion, again my friend said it was very flattering and she loved the sleeve, for £12 it is a bargain and I could happily wear it for work, so if it get reduced to £5 I will but it and deal with the sleeves

Nautical Stripe Waisted Tunic I think I tried this is a Size 22, which was miles to big (YAY) and I liked it but I’m kind of Red, White and Blued out. I think the Jubilee has ruined these 3 colours going together for me. I also have a very similar top from a couple of years ago which is different shades of blue which I like more

I am quite proud of myself for not buying anything other than an 8 item breakfast in BHS and a drink and a Cake at a local farm shop

After our Crownpoint adventure and before I lent my friend clothes we went to a local garden centre to meet her mum and get her a birthday present. We again came away empty handed. 

On the way home we called at a local farm shop Albion Farm Shop and Cafe I needed to get some bits for my tea and we were in need of cake and a cold drink.
The cafe was lovely, I forgot to take a picture but we share chocolate cake and a Strawberry crunch cake, which was much nicer than it sounds.
Here is what I bought from the shop.

Jazz Apples
Frozen self scoop stir-fry
Frozen self scoop frozen fruits
Longly Farm Cottage Cheese

I will be going back, I’d like to try one of their cream teas but they only do them mid-week and I’m not sure I can justify booking a day’s annual leave  

Apologies for the large number of collages but after mourning the closure of Picnic photo editor someone told me about picmonkey and i thought i'd try it out and i love it. 

wonder if there is an ipod app? 

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