Monday, 30 July 2012

Challenging Self #1 - Belts

Hi all,

I'm new to this blogging about my clothes, I'm not in a place to call it fashion or fatshion, all I'm doing is showing you what I wear on a daily basis.

I've also been reading a lot of blogs and have noticed people getting involved in challenges with other bloggers etc., I'm not in a place to look for challenges myself but I thought there was nothing to stop me challenging myself.

I've got approx. 4 of these planned and this is numbero uno.

One of the first posts I saw was called Take Five : Belts - 5 bloggers, 5 belts, 5 ways.... I'm not sure if it was this blog exactly that I looked at first but it has the links to some of the other blogs I've been looking at.

Belts are not something I wear unless I need to keep my trousers up, but seeing these posts and looking at other blogs where people are wearing belts it can really improve and outfit.

I own a large number of belts, mainly free with purchase that are far too small, or hand me downs from my mum. I never think to wear them, so I decided to challenge myself to try and wear a belt 7 times in 14 days. I'd go for every day but I don't think that is sustainable.

As I write this I am 5 days in and I've worn a belt 4 times.

I have to say despite initial reservations I've been pleasantly surprised, my reservations included the fact I never wear belts so will people be staring at me, will people make comments, will I survive a full work day in one.

The only issues I had which was easily resolved needed to adjust it between standing up and sitting down.

I also think it game some outfits a whole new look. On Tuesday I wore an ASDA beach dress to work, which has a drawstring waist but with the belt made it look like a skirt and top and I got a few comments on how nice my skirt was!!! Which I wouldn't have got otherwise, and although I would still wear that dress for work I felt more businessy! (Is that even a word?)

I also think the belt has given me a much better shape and dare I say it I've felt a bit more confident.

Here's to the next 3 occasions but with 9 days to go and 3 more belts to go I’m confident I will succeed

Edit 30/07/12 - 9 Days in and I’ve worn a belt around 10 times 

Here are my Belts:
Saturday 21 July 

Tuesday 22 July

Wednesday 23 July  you will have to go to the link for Wednesday as the picture is on my camera's internal memory and it's not letting me link to it. 

Thursday 34 July - Primark Skirt I've not blogged this outfit yet. Here is a sneak peek.

 Friday, I work a long shirt over my jeans; here is a sneak peek of it. You can't actually see the belt and it is one I wear a lot as it's a good jean keeper upper. 

 Friday Night we went to the pub and I put a belt on again 
  Sunday I wore a new dress from New Look it is too big but as a sale item non-refundable.  I got caught in a shower of rain just before I took the picture 
Then finally today, I wore my dress from Peacocks, you have seen this before as I wore it on a night out with my friend last weekend. I think it looks much better with a belt.

Do you always wear a belt?
Should I carry on wearing belts? 


  1. I really hate belts I find them annoying and uncomfortable I don't mind fabric ones but hard leather etc do my head in! I only wear them if the outfit needs it like my stripy Clements ribiero dress as it has no shape on its own
    You look nice in belts and if you like them and find them comfy carry on :) xx

    1. i'm going to keep trying them i think, they can be irritating when at work as kept having to adjust which belt hole i used between sitting down and walking round xxx


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