Wednesday, 18 July 2012

OOTD Wednesday

Today started badly, however its not been an angry Steph day.

I got drench by the time i'd got half way down my street, so i gave in and turned back, got changed and was late for work. second time this week. Booo

I ended up wearing;

Shoes- 2 pairs, i went to work in black and gold ballet pumps from Republic £5 in the sale a couple of weeks ago. Then i changed into Navy pumps with buttons on from my shoe collection that lives under my desk.

Skirt - Purple pleated Skirt from Peacocks, i got this in the sale just before Christmas

Top - is from Store 21 and cost £5.99 and shock horror i paid full price for it!!!!!!!!!!


  1. i love that skirt its such a pretty colour xx

    1. Thank you hun, that had it in red as well wish i'd got it as well x


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