Monday, 30 July 2012

OOTD's Thursday - Monday

I've had a busy weekend so here is a quick catch up of what I've been wearing 

Thursday, I'm really frustrated as I can't rotate some of my pictures, some work no problem others tell me I’m not authorised. 

So please tilt your heads. 

Skirt £10 Primark Size 20. Top Dorothy Perkins last year, I can't remember how much it was but it was in the sale

 Necklace is from a pile I found in my room, no idea where it’s from

 I also wore a belt :0)

 Tights are from H&M i think and shoes are Dorothy Perkins
Friday - DDF at work so a chance to wear my jeans. In my old job we could dress down every day so I used to live in  my jeans but now I like just wearing them one or two days a week.
Jeans Sainsbury’s, Belt Evans, Top Primark last year
Friday Night - we went to the pub on the caravan site, i changed in to my NL jeans and a top from Store 21 
 Friday Night - we went to the pub on the caravan site, I changed in to my NL jeans and a top from Store 21 
  I also used a really old bag that is from New Look; a woman in the pub was in love with it and offered to buy if off me for £10!
 Saturday - it was a bit chilly so I wore my very bright Trespass Micro fleece, its scary bright, not very stylish but very cosy
  I also wore the Purple sundress I wore earlier on in the week (yes it has been washed) this time I wore it without the belt and I think it looks pretty different

  Sunday - I wore a new dress I bought from New Look the day before £10, I had to get it in a 24 and it feels way too big but I do love it, going to see if my gran can take it in a bit. 

I also got soaked seconds before I took the photo, I still took it as I didn't think i's get a chance later in the day. The Cardie is from H&M it was only about £7 instead of £30 last year.

Today I wore my dress from peacocks, I love this dress, I also walked into a woman wearing the same one, and she gave me a dirty look and flounced off. She looked really nice in it, I was going to compliment her as well.

  I also took a shot of me in my cardie and hair up how I’d actually be in work


  1. Some lovely dresses there I'm jealous! That bag is lovely I'm not surprised that Simone offered to buy it xx

    1. I do love my dresses! it is a lovely bag, i tried to sell it on EBay a few years ago but had no takers, quite glad i kept hold of it x


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