Saturday, 21 July 2012

Part of my Saturday

busy day today but i wanted to blog a few things i did today, i'll leave out the boring and show you the exciting things.

Not sure if i've mentioned one of my best friends owns a traditional sweet shop?! She has started selling cupcake she gets from another local  cake shop. 

I popped in at half 11 to get 4 (better value not greed) and there was only one left! they'd only had them an hour. she sold 35 over two days (delivered fresh each day) Now i don't even like Oreo cookies but this was good, the icing wasn't as smooth as previous ones i've had and felt a bit sugar grainy but that could have been the biscuit crumbs?! 

 I popped into town and even though i was in a rush i took 10 mins out to have a brew to read my book in the sunshine
 It was the local flower festival today and Joe Swift (gardeners wolds maybe?) was there, last year it was well advertised and i kept wondering when Joe Swash had developed a sudden interest in gardening! Bitterly disappointed once again.
 They were also doing face painting (kids only) and pot your own herbs, i loitered i like herbs, and a guy gave me 2 already potted one, rosemary and an unknown and felt too stupid to ask, it will come back to me (oh it might be sage!)
 They were giving out free Carnations (singles) while this is a cute idea and i did take one, i'm not sure the point, you  can't really display a single carnation, can i plant it? 
 This is a far away shot of our In Bloom entry... based on the Olympics and something else
 Toy Soldiers £3 each, i didn't buy

 As i went down the escalator into the shopping centre i was met my this sight, i think my exact expression was, that's the best shitting thing i've ever seen!
 A few weeks ago our Metrolink (Tram) line opened and i have been on it once and it was nice and fast, however it will be too expensive for me and as the stop is far away from where i live i'd still need to buy my £58 a month bus pass plus £70+

 tomorrow is the Village Fair so i might have to do another post of the fun times 

Love Stefi

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