Tuesday, 17 July 2012

ASOS Curve - Part 3, The trying on

Last Thursday i placed an order with ASOS Curve  and i blogged it HERE 

As a quick re-cap i'm not an on-line shopper if i want something i want it here and now! but with the sale bargains i decided to take and chance and opted for 6 day delivery which is Free. it said i'd receive my items before 6pm 20th July

Monday i got to work and before i had chance to let the receptionist know i would be expecting a parcel sometime this week she IM'd me to say it had arrived. it was only 9.15 am

You've been waiting for this moment of trying on!

This is a lot more green in real life and it is very thin, i love the colour, the style, the pockets, the buttons. However it may be going back. 

 The next is the same dress in a blue flowery print, this feels a lot smaller than the green one but is much better quality fabric , i do love it but i fear it is too small, you can really see my tights line through it
 The next is my favourite in theory, this is only a top and i love the colour, print, fabric but it feels too big at the top and is too small over my hips and belly, so it might be another return
 This dress is my least favourite on the website, it was the price and print that sold it to me but i love it on. I really like the neck detail, i love the colours together, even if they are not colours i'd normally wear and the length is much longer than i thought it'd be but it the perfect length for me.

This is a keeper!!!!

What do you think? Honest opinions welcome xxx


  1. Love the last dress and the shirt that you also love. I thought about getting that shirt. It is def hit or miss with online shopping. Once you do it more often you will get to know what works for you. Kiah

    1. Thanks. The last dress is the best out of the things I've ordered.

      I think the first 2 dresses are too long as well.

      I'm going to try them on again at weekend and see if I can get my mum to take photos and see what they look like on.

  2. My order came the other day too. I bought the same top and I've got the same problem it's massive sound the boob area lol. So see through too! I will prob keep it tho for my holidays as it was only a cheeky wee tenner :)

    Love the outfit pics!


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