Wednesday, 25 July 2012

OOTD Wednesday

Evening all,

i seem to be losing GFC followers left right and centre, although numbers are not the be all and end all i'd not nice to see 4 gone in a 4 hours, seems a bit much! oh well.

Today i wore my blue dress from River Island, yep that's right RIVER ISLAND!

It's a size 18 which in itself is a rare novelty in my local store, i tried it on, it fitted (well i can get away with it) i love everything about it.

The colour is one of my favourites, i love the granddad style colour, i even like the platted belt.

Its a jersey fabric and very forgiving and it was in the sale (would i buy it if it wasn't?!)

 I wore it with a necklace from Accessorize, which normally breaks but i fixed it this morning and it is still in one piece.
 I also wore
 This is me, i can't get it to rotate for love nor money, Leggins as always from Next (i promise i have lots of pairs of these!)
I've got a few posts planned but they are ones i need a bit of time and combine a few different things, so it won't just be OOTD posts in the future. 

I'm hopefully going to Skipton this weekend but not crossing fingers and next weekend i'm off to Lytham proms so expect some posts from them. 

What are you fave types of posts? what do you like to blog and read about?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks hun, i love the colour and the fact its from RI makes my day every time i wear it. even if its very stretchy :0)


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