Thursday, 19 July 2012

OOTD Thursday

Wow it's been a full week of me blogging and I've blogged every day and more than once a day sometimes.

Apologies for this and expect it to slacken off very soon.

The reason for double posts is initially to keep OOTD from other rantings as i do like them on their own.

this might change who knows.

Today i dug out my winter boots and boy am i glad its been an awful weather day, i wore it with black tights and a flowery dress from New Look's Tall range, now i claim to be 5'6" but i'm possibly a wee bit shorter if the scales at boots are right.

This dress was another sales bargain and it was £9 or £11, its a size 18 and i didn't think it would fit but it does and i like the length on me, it i was any taller i think i'd feel a bit exposed as the attached liner has shrunk which i'm not sure if you can see on the picture.

why do liners do that and anyone know a good way to re-stretch it or stop it happening on other dresses?

 I also wore some make up, and lipstick, this is much brighter than i'd normally wear but i do love it


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