Friday, 31 August 2012

OOTD Wednesday

On Wednesday I decided I’d best wear a skirt as part of my Challenging Self idea.
I'm trying to take better photo's which is hard when i have to do mirror shots or use the self timer on my camera.
I went down by the canal in Manchester to take my photo's

Test photo, ok so the Lock arm thingy is in the way but the mechanics thing is a good hight for the camera
I decided to wear the skirt I have acquired from the Leeds Clothes swap.
This skirt is so pretty, I have a feeling it’s a homemade one as  can’t see a label and there is a small amount of fraying round the zip.

However it is so cute, it has button detailing at the front, but they are false button holes so no unexpected flashing can occur!

The fabric feels really nice and it has a lovely bow print to it
See its cute!

TTFN xxx

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Leeds Plus sized Clothes swap Part 2

I wanted to do another quick post about the things I got from the swap but I haven't have time to take the photos. 

I have worn one of the items I got and I’m hoping to post that in a couple of days along with a clothes round up. 

I've seen 3 other posts about the clothes swap and they are all from people I spoke to at the swap, it was lovely to see their posts. 

The first post I saw from Rachel I know she will be doing more posts about the things she got, I saw her try on the most gorgeous red coat, and I can't wait to see her wearing it. 

I have also seen Laura's post and she has some fab pictures from the swap on her post. 

Finally a blog I was looking at on my phone thinking oh wow someone took almost the same pictures I did (I only took 4) when I’ve looked again tonight they are my pictures that were stolen! haha I really don't mind but I thought I was cracking up looking at the pictures first time round. That post was by the lovely Lisa

There is also my post from the other day with my photos

Now I know there were more bloggers than us 4 at the swap, if you went let me know what you got, I’d love to have a read and a nosy at what you got. 

Skipton August Bank Holiday Weekend 2012

I went to Skipton this weekend to stay in my Mums Caravan, just wanted to share a few photos from the weekend
 The reason i was so drunk on Friday Night
 We were home for 10PM snuggled up on the sofa in my Miffy PJ's
 On Saturday we went to the Russian Tea Rooms  we've been meaning to go in for a while but never got round to it.

I love love love this place, i've always loved Russian Dolls and i work for a Russian Company so i thought i should embrace the tea rooms
 What makes a good brew is a nice cup, i am a mug kinda girl as a rule but every now and again a proper cup and saucer is a must
 We decided to have some cakes, above is Russian 'Potato' Cakes - small balls of Chocolate fudge cake. very yummy
 We also had RTR Brownie with sour cherries, this has to be the nicest brownies i've ever had.
We also went for the Russian Caravan House Blend Tea. it was really nice. i would highly recommend this place if you are in Skipton.
 We also had a trip to Costa where i had a Raspberry Iced tea, also very good.
 After we'd got back from Leeds we had Tea in Wetherspoons then went for a quick walk round the caravan site.
 The Lane up to the pub (sorry Hotel)
 I love these small lanes off the main lane, this just leads to another caravan site
 The Pub (sorry Hotel)
 The anchor in the carpark
 a mushroom under the anchor
 and another

 Look how blue the sky is! we got a bit drenched in Leeds
But it was nice enough to sit outside the pub for a nice pint of DC

 BUNNY! this is a family tradition find a bunny when in Skipton.
 I started when my Gran still had a dog, you only had to whisper bunny and she'd go mad (the dog not the gran)

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I'm a Winner

i won The Giveaway i entered. How lucky is that! it was run by the lovely Becky also known as Mrs Bebe.

The prize was a gorgeous orange Ann Harvey for Tesco Scarf. if anyone you know me (i doubt you do but i have now me some of you!) you will know i'm a sucker for a scarf.

Mrs Bebe announced the winners and i was one of them (i'm stefi j btw)

It took a little while to arrive which was explain and i was more than happy to wait, and boy was it worth it!

i'm almost wishing the summer away so i can wear it every day.

I have only worn it once but it is in my handbag ready for when i need a scarf :)

Thank you so much Becky for picking my name out, i am in love with this scarf. expect to see me in a lot of browns this autumn xx

Leeds Plus Sized Clothes Swap #3

This was the first swap i'd been to, and i can't wait for the next one.

Althoughi i'd love to go to a blogger meet closer to home (Manchester Area)
I was in Skipton for the weekend so it was only 45 mins on the train and i went with my mum and we had a lovely day out. 
 I felt quite bad because i hadn't taken anything as the trip to Leeds was a bit last min.
 I met some lovely people, sadly i'm really bad at putting names to faces so i'm still none the wiser who half the people ar! Ops 
 I did take a couple of items, which i feel bad about and i promise to take lots of lovely things to the next one.
I also got to have a drink and cupcake while i was there.

I will do a post on the things i acquired. A big thank you to those people who organised it and who took things, from what i've read on Twitter it was a success and i hope everyone went away with nice things!

Did you go? what did you get? 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A Few Outfits

I can't seem to find the time to blog daily at the moment, so i thought i'd do a few days outfits at a time 

I'm still trying to wear a skirt a week. 
You may have noticed the scarf, its not a nod to Doctor Who but it is a very special prize, possibly the only prize i have ever won. (more about that is another post)
Skirt £5. Primark Size 20
Top Primark Size 18
Friday i went to Skipton straight from work. I went with a semi dressy outfit that had to see me from work to the pub
Top Asda £5 Size 22
Jeans NL Size 22
I also had a chunky caride
Primark Size 12!!! hand me down
Today i had a trip to Leeds, i also had a quick visit to the clothes swap event (more about that in another post)
Top Asda £4 Size 22
Jeans Sainsburys Size 22
So i didn't quite get to wear a dress on the weekend, however as today was a Bank holiday i'm still claiming this!
Dress £6 Asda Size 20
Cardie Simply Be £8 Size 20
Dress DP £10 Size 18 or 20
Leggins Next £9 Size 18

Back to work today Not sure this dress will be a work staple as it was a bit short and clingy but i do love it. 
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