Friday, 3 August 2012

What's in my handbag

I was left a comment the other night saying I bet I didn't carry round that much stuff

Well here is a post of what I've just emptied out of my bag.

the bag itself is on the small side for me. However ou can get a lot in it.

I don't know where To start

Male up bag - woman's secret. Bought in fuete.
2 MUA lippys
Blush foundation and mascara
A fold away brush
3 bobbles
2 grip clips
3 hair clips
2 rings
A bracelet
3 pens
Pair of kiddies scissors
A packet of English mustard
Cigs and lighter
2 packs of tissues
Spare glasses
Spare socks
Lady products
Misc recipts
Numerous bobby pins
Baby g watch
2 spare SD cards
2 bus passes. This months and last
Various bank cards. Loyalty cards. Random business cards
iTunes and starbucks cards
Perfume ghost whisper
£7.47 in lose money
Sweetie jotter
Post a programme for the whit Friday band contest
Orange jotter blog book
Hayfever tabs
Packet of crisps
2 scarves
Benefit primpcess kit
Naked eye palette.
Metro link timetable
Packet of seeds
List of country side events
Market research agreement.
Leaflet for skipton castle


  1. I can so relate to this, I carry far too much around with me and I wonder why my shoulder aches!

    1. my shoulder always aches and yes this is the reason! BUT I NEED IT ALL!!!

  2. wow!!! I thought I carried a lot! lol ;) I did a severe cull last year, I was carrying so much around I ended up getting sore shoulders!

    1. I have a cull every time i change bags, so every few weeks but i've always been the same :0)


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