Friday, 10 August 2012

Blackpool OOTDs

Evening Folks, after a slight blogging drought this week, expect my mini Evans rant  i've been going to bed at 9pm. I thought i'd take some time to do a bit of a catch up of my weekend away to Blackpool. I'm going to split it up over a few posts starting with what I wore.

I've tried to include Size and prices as i've noticed a few people doing this and love the idea. 

I've seen a few tweets recently about copy and paste blogs, i hope people don't think that i'm doing that. blogging is such and individual thing but they inspire others. 

I've got another OOTD post but i'm not sure if i'm going to share it as i realised after i wore this outfit it was a 90% rip off of the inspiration i got it from without intending it to be, i shall explain. I love wearing dresses for work but some are a little low cut but as are technically sundresses they don't look right with a t-shirt underneath. i then remembered seeing a post where someone had done the opposite and made it look like a skirt and top. 

I did this with a Sundress from M&S and a Navy lacy top from DP, only half way through the day did i realise the dress was the same one as the one that had inspired me. i had a totally different top. 

Just being silly really. maybe one day i will share what i wore. 

The next few outfits are Blackpool from Friday arriving to Sunday night. 

Friday - so glad i coordinated with the hotel room walls (not intended!!!)
Dress New Look £10 Size 24
Leggins Next £9 Size 18
 I decided to wear the new faithful Peacocks Dipped Hem dress, you've seen me in this at least twice now so here is a Wellie shot (how many of you mis-read that go on own up! 
i did and i wrote it!)
Dress Peacocks £9 Size 20
Wellies ASDA £13
 OH I WAS EXCITED - Rick was singing Never gonna give you up at this point! 
I can explain i was excited at Rick Astley being on Stage
Coat The North Face Size XL (mens) Price Free (its La Papa's) 
 I left the Camera o Zoom when i asked La Mama to take a pic of me by the sea
I never wear sunnies, mainly cos i wear glasses and can't see but i love these they are by a
brand called Six and i got them in a C&A oh how i do miss it! come back the the UK
Aprox 8 Euro
I'm shocked how pretty Blackpool looks
Dress ASOS Curve Size 20
Shoes Republic £5
 In Nando's we were too full to go anywhere else so this is the only photo of me in this outfit
Dress Peacocks £9 Size 20
 Sunday, i decided to go for the Heart print dress again as it was nice. do you see what La Mama has done here, BPT right out the noggin! she's so clever!
Dress New Look £10 Size 24
Leggins Next £9 Size 18
Shoes Clarks £15.99 
 Last outfit, what i wore to see Olly Murrs, the shoes had been changed for 99P B&M Flipflops and the belt removed before he came on stage
Dress Sainsburys £10 Size 22
Belt Dorothy Perkins £2 (2 pack)
Shoes Primark £6 

Necklace 50p DP
Love Stefi


  1. Love you outfits it's obvious that if you blog people will get ideas from your posts so I would never mind if someone did you could always link to your inspiration that's a nice way to acknowledge it :) as far a the copy and paste blog thing I haven't seen anything about that? Xx

    1. Sadly i can't remember who i got the idea from, but that is a good idea to bare in mind for the future.

      re the copy and paste blogs, i've seen what appear to be a few sly digs on twitter, not entirely sure they are aim at but it's something that has made me a bit paranoid, not sure why as i'd never copy and paste anything, unless i'd asked and there was a good reason for it, as you can see from this comment i just babble along


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