Friday, 24 August 2012

Hen Do

This weekend i went on a hen do in a Scottish Forest, I've created an album on FB but just posting a small selection of photo's here. mainly because most photos have other people on them and i'm not sure if they'd want to be on the blog.
This was our first view of the place a shot from the car park.
 Woo the tent is up. there is no way this is a 2 man tent but it's where i called home for the weekend.
 This is the roundhouse they had hired. it was very dark inside. i have a few pictures but as i take 90% of my pictures portrait and the net book won't rotate them i might have to do an additional post with the others when i can get to a pc.
 We made the most of a wheelbarrow we borrowed.
 The view from my tent vent. The Tipi we had also hired and my friends tent
 A very unflattering picture of me playing quotes. i didn't get a single point.
 Me before i had a go at the Pinata. we didn't have a blindfold but the owl mark was so hard to see out of we used that!
 I was a ladybird, but i was so cold i had to wear the microfleece!

Love Stefi


  1. I'm not a camping girl myself, butit looks like you had fun! I 'm intrigued by the little hut!
    Have a bice weekend! :)

    1. Thank's i'll do another posty about the Hut which is a Roundhouse. it was a very cute place

  2. Love you in the owl mask!! There is no way I could go camping I love my bed far too much lol glad you had fun xx

    1. i had a really good time but i'm in no rush to go camping again, think i'll leave it another 15 years!

      the Mask was an inspired idea for the pinta as you really couldn't see through it! One of the girls costumes hadn't turned up so she got that as a last min idea as she knew she had a top with an owl print on it

  3. That owl mask is so scary!!!!! Looks like a fab idea for a hen night, hope you had a great time x

    1. i agree the Mask is scary, i really didn't want to put it on at first, just glad i only had to wear it for a couple of mins!

      it was a fab weekend, i'm in no rush to go camping again but it was something differnt


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