Sunday, 12 August 2012

Lytham Proms

It has been many moons since i was last in Blackpool, but what i've always loved is the shopping, i've never enjoyed theme parks / fairground rides / the sea. but i do love shops.

My last outstanding memory of my last trip to Blackpool, was the birthday girl going into primark the morning after the night before and buying slipper socks as her feet were so sore and walking round all day in them!

This time we were in Blackpool for something far more serious than a 30th or a Hen do, it involved no fancy dress costumes and hardly any alcohol!  Doesn't sound like my normal idea of fun but it was.

It was Lytham Proms, La Mama and me had seen an offer for Olly Murrs tickets and Hotel for £60 each in Going places window a while back and on a whim we booked, she discovered there was an 80's here and now concert on the friday so we decided to make a long weekend of it. 

My life was greatly enhanced when i discovered Rick Astley was going to be on! 

Oh how i do love our Rick, i know he might not be everyone's cup of tea and totally not my normal taste but i've loved him since i was 6 years old and i announced he was my biggest fan! 

Pat Sharp, gets the party started
 Supercool Keyboard dude
 Carol Decker
 Ben From Curiosity Killed the Cat - he was tres pants!
 The Real Thing - totes amaze, i would pay to see a full concert of these dudes
 Belinda No Close Ups Carlise 
 The main man himself - RICK

Banarama were also on but we left after rick! 

Really want to go and see him again, need to see if i can get some tickets when i've been paid

Do you have an 60/70/80/90's crush you still adore (please delete as applicatble) 

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