Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I'm a Winner

i won The Giveaway i entered. How lucky is that! it was run by the lovely Becky also known as Mrs Bebe.

The prize was a gorgeous orange Ann Harvey for Tesco Scarf. if anyone you know me (i doubt you do but i have now me some of you!) you will know i'm a sucker for a scarf.

Mrs Bebe announced the winners and i was one of them (i'm stefi j btw)

It took a little while to arrive which was explain and i was more than happy to wait, and boy was it worth it!

i'm almost wishing the summer away so i can wear it every day.

I have only worn it once but it is in my handbag ready for when i need a scarf :)

Thank you so much Becky for picking my name out, i am in love with this scarf. expect to see me in a lot of browns this autumn xx

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