Thursday, 16 August 2012


I don’t seem to be getting the time to do daily posts; I might try altering these into one weekly post? What do you think?
Wednesday – I knew I was going to a wedding reception pretty much straight from work, if I did go home I wouldn’t have time to change.

That called for the new faithful ASOS Curve frock. When this arrived it felt too small and yes it does show some lumps and bumps but it feels really good on and people always comment on how nice it is.

Thursday – I woke up in a fug of wine fumes and pinot grigio burps! (TMI sorry)
I put my jeans on and a top from next, got half way down stairs and realised it was only Thursday I turned round and went back up and dragged on my bargain Matalan chinos that had been hung back up after Mondays wearing (scruff bag) The feel a little weird but I’m putting it down to be not wearing a trouser for months. Jeans yes, Jersey Palazzo pants yes, leggings yes, formal trousers Hahaha you having a laugh I can’t get any up!
These trousers are assize 24 from the Rodgers and Rodgers range; I normally wouldn’t have even tried them on as I normally stop at a size 22. But as they were £5 and only a couple of pairs left I tried, silently praying they’d be miles to big, but no they fit and pretty well.
TBH I don’t bother about size labels, just beating myself up that I didn't keep up with slimming world and put pretty much all the weight back on if not all and more (been avoiding the scales almost as much as wearing trousers!)  

 I'm still trying to find a place to take decent self timed photos, these last 2 were taken in the bathroom at home, the room is so small to get a full length shot I have to stand on the landing!

Love Stefi


  1. thanks for sharing.

  2. Replies
    1. I love the dress as well, its going to be worn a lot!

  3. I really like your top in the last picture x I don't own any formal trousers at all! None!x

    1. The top is from Next, i got it for my Birthday in May but i'm sure it's still in stores.

      i like it because it's not to next-ey! although i have seen a LOT of people in it xxx


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