Friday, 31 August 2012

OOTD Wednesday

On Wednesday I decided I’d best wear a skirt as part of my Challenging Self idea.
I'm trying to take better photo's which is hard when i have to do mirror shots or use the self timer on my camera.
I went down by the canal in Manchester to take my photo's

Test photo, ok so the Lock arm thingy is in the way but the mechanics thing is a good hight for the camera
I decided to wear the skirt I have acquired from the Leeds Clothes swap.
This skirt is so pretty, I have a feeling it’s a homemade one as  can’t see a label and there is a small amount of fraying round the zip.

However it is so cute, it has button detailing at the front, but they are false button holes so no unexpected flashing can occur!

The fabric feels really nice and it has a lovely bow print to it
See its cute!

TTFN xxx


  1. I think you look gorge! You should definitely wear skirts more often :) xx


    1. Thank you hun, i am trying to wear one at least 1 a week xx


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