Thursday, 2 August 2012

NOTD - 1st ever

I never ever thought i'd be blogging about clothes let alone cosmetics but as I have been painting my nails over the past couple of week I thought I might share a few of them.

It all started last week after the local village fair and i bought this Avon colour for £1! its a really pretty Coral colour.

 I always have issues with Avon Colours, one coat isn't enough, 2 coats go splodgy! anyone have any tips, I'm pretty sure the 1st coat was dry before i did another.
 Next up i got giddy with some glitter, there is a picture missing as my camera is now eating pictures! I did a Teal Nails Inc with a Teal glitter from a brand called Essence, not sure if its available in the UK, I got it from Spain when I went a few weeks ago.

Next i did this sparkly mint green number. The main colour is Barry M Mint Green with a topping of Essence number 10 Glorious Aquarius glitter

 Next up, i went for a bright pink Nails Inc polish but it was a little too much for work so i topped it with an Asda shatter polish. I have a few Barry M crackles (black, pink and blue) but i'm really impressed with the Asda one.

And Finally for my colours, is a MUA shade 23, which is a Sage colour, this polish was £1  and i have to say I am really impressed. i painted these on Tuesday night and by the end of Wednesday I only had 2 small chips on my right hand. i didn't get time to take it off ant it has chipped a bit more today but to say i didn't put a top coat on (hardly ever do as get bored waiting for the colour to dry!) 
 To end the post I want to mention my favourite ever nail product, Avon Nail Experts 24K gold strength.
 I am a marketing managers dream, i fall for gimmicks left right and centre, but i first tried this approx 2 years ago when it was on offer and now i buy at least 2 bottles every time it is on offer.

My nails have been weakend by having acrylics on and they don't really grow, but if i keep up the maintenance of wearing this they grow! You can can see how much we use it!


  1. I find that if you do a really thin bottom coat so it's not got much in at all then leave it to dry and add a second coat it doesn't go a gloppy does that make any sense?! I'm bad at explaining lol xx lovely colours btw

    1. Thank hun, will give that a try next time i dig out the Avon polish, i think i might not be patient enough to let it dry properly x

    2. The thin layer should cut drying time a try to watch a bit of tv do I don't get to eager and paint on wet polish xx

  2. I have looked at that avon polish a couple of times and wondered if it is any good. This is the first review that I come across on it so it is good to know that it is quite good and reasonably priced. As for colour avon nail polishes I think it is just a case of waiting for them to dry but all their polishes do seem to need two coats. I have a dark purple one on the other day. I am trying to get my followers up at the moment so if you like what you see I will greatly appreciate your follow :). If you already follow I apologise.


    1. AVON do some lovely colours but i'm so rubbish at using them


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