Thursday, 16 August 2012

Evans visits 3 & 4

After having a couple of chats with people of twitter and getting a tweet from @evansclothing I decided to try another shop.

Shop 1 - Arndale Centre Manchester, now from past experience I don't like this store it’s in the unit above Burtons and Dorothy Perkins, to get to the shop you have to go up an escalator sandwiched between the two shops or walk right to the back of either shop and walk up the stairs.

I went for the escalator, which I soon regretted as we were only half way there and the heat hit me, it has to be the warmest shop I’ve ever been in! To their credit they had industrial sized flans blowing but it was just moving the warm air around.

I wanted to look for a new bra but I soon discovered I am too small for Evans bra’s I looked for an assistant to ask for help but there was no one around.

By contrast I went to the Trafford centre the day after and decided to pop in for a quick look round.

There was an assistant at the door welcoming people and asking if we wanted to enter a competition to win £250 in vouchers and she asked if we needed help with anything.

This shop was lovely and cool! They had the nicer items of stock in the front of the store and although they were moving the rails round it wasn’t untidy. As I got to the back of the store there was about 3 assistants tidying and marking down sales items, chatting to customers offering help and it was a nice experience.

If I wanted something from Evans I think I would make the effort to go back to the Trafford centre, and that’s saying something as I haven’t been to the Trafford centre for around  7 years and had no plans to go back again anytime soon.


  1. Glad you got to try another branch, I have only been in Evans once but it was a nice branch! x

    1. Its seems to be the old tale of the girl with the little curl!

      Horrendously bad or far better than you could ever expect!


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