Thursday, 9 August 2012

Giving Evans a Second Chace

Last weekend I went to Blackpool for a long weekend as we’d had tickets for Lytham Proms. While I was there we did a little shopping, as I’m getting into wearing belts I decided to visit one of the only shops I knew I could be sure to get one to fit.

EVANS, as I got to the shop I was quite excited by the pretty frock in the window, this soon faded when I realised it was actually Dorothy Perkins window, I looked left and spotted boring basic t-shirts over elasticated waist trousers.

As I walked in I was greeted by a member of staff with a smirk, a look up and down and a flounce off! Hmmmm ok let’s ignore her for now.

I looked and looked and could not see any belts, time to find an assistant, I could only see the one assistant, I walked up to her and said hi, she turned her back on me and walked off (you might not be surprised to hear it was the girl who had smirked!) I had another look round and right at the back of the shop where some nice items, a swan print dress, some cool shirts, but no belts.

I find another assistant who is busy helping someone buy some shoes, I loiter and as soon as she’s free I ask her about belts, she shows me where they are (mixed in between other rows) I also got to ask another question about how the S / M / L sizes compare to dress sizes before the smirker start a very loud conversation between the assistant about a customer who’d she’d server earlier in the day, the others didn’t really join in but they were as far away from each other as the shop would allow, I was pretty annoyed by this, not only was it unprofessional, it was some really mean things to say about someone who from the jist of the conversation would have been limited as to which shops she could go and by clothes from in Blackpool.

I did see a belt I liked but after hearing this conversation I decided I didn’t want to be fodder for further conversations and decided to leave.

I realise people do speak about their days to each other and customers / colleagues etc etc can be annoying and you want to vent, I’m sure there is not one person reading this who hasn’t done the same but there is a time and a place.

I will try Evans again in the future but I will try another store. I felt very uncomfortable in this sort and despite finding things I liked (I didn’t look at the prices) I’d be hard pressed to go back.

On the other hand the Dorothy Perkins downstairs was a delight, on the same day I went down stairs and found it a bit claustrophobic but I went in again on the Sunday morning, there were no other customers, the staff were friendly, polite, helpful. I almost wanted to say could they take this attitude and pass it off upstairs!


  1. Hi Stefi - we're very sorry to hear this and that you were unhappy with the service you received in one of our stores. We will pass this on to the store. Thanks for your feedback.

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment, i didn't expect you to read it. it such as shame as there is so much potential out there for the plus sized market.


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