Thursday, 2 August 2012

MUA Make-up Review

I've been hearing a few good things about MUA Make up recently and I follow them on twitter after seeing a retweeted post about national lipstick day.

My favourite day time lippy is an MUA one and to be honest i hadn't really taken much notice of which brand it was (i think my mum might have bought it and i acquired it!) they replied to a tweet i sent to them really quickly and i was quite impressed at the level of customer interaction, so much so i called in to superdrug on my way home from work. See twitter and interacting really can pay off!

I got a nail varnish for £1. i have just included it on the NOTD post. a lovely sage green colour, and i'm pretty impressed. TBH, i don't buy expensive brands, i have a few Nails Inc polishes but the majority of these where in a set i got from TJ Hughes (RIP) or free from Magazines / Diet Coke offers. 
Shade 23 £1
 I also got a lipstick for £1.00 the colour is called Bare and it really is, i loved it at first sight but now i'm not so sure. i think i will be good for work
Shade 11 or 14  Bare £1.00
 i also got a foundation, i really struggle with foundations and even after having a chat with make up counter peeps i never seem to find the right one. the testers in superdrug had had their numbers worn off, but i guessed this was the colour i'd tried and i feel its one of the best foundation matches i've had for a while. My skin is a bit spotty at the moment and i provided cover but i don't feel all clogged up at the end of the day.
Shade 3 Gentle Fawn £2.00
have you used MUA?

PS, i bought all products and this is my own opinion, I've not been asked to write this review xxx


  1. I buy the lipstick you can't go wrong for a £1 I like them xx

    1. The smell good as well, i used to get l'oreal lipsticks cheap from where i used to work but the smell always knocks me sick. i almost got sucked in my the new jelly lipstick but that has the same smell.


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