Thursday, 30 August 2012

Leeds Plus sized Clothes swap Part 2

I wanted to do another quick post about the things I got from the swap but I haven't have time to take the photos. 

I have worn one of the items I got and I’m hoping to post that in a couple of days along with a clothes round up. 

I've seen 3 other posts about the clothes swap and they are all from people I spoke to at the swap, it was lovely to see their posts. 

The first post I saw from Rachel I know she will be doing more posts about the things she got, I saw her try on the most gorgeous red coat, and I can't wait to see her wearing it. 

I have also seen Laura's post and she has some fab pictures from the swap on her post. 

Finally a blog I was looking at on my phone thinking oh wow someone took almost the same pictures I did (I only took 4) when I’ve looked again tonight they are my pictures that were stolen! haha I really don't mind but I thought I was cracking up looking at the pictures first time round. That post was by the lovely Lisa

There is also my post from the other day with my photos

Now I know there were more bloggers than us 4 at the swap, if you went let me know what you got, I’d love to have a read and a nosy at what you got. 

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