Thursday, 16 August 2012

This weekend

This weekend I’m going on a Hen do in Scotland for my friend’s sister. We are Camping in Mabie Forest.
Marthrown of Mabie - Forest weddings, woodland camping, bunkhouse, American Tipi and Mongolian Yurt accommodation in south west Scotland.
This is where we are going
She has hired an Iron Age Roundhouse and a Tipi, but most of us are taking tents.
While I don’t consider myself high maintenance I don’t really do camping!
So it will be an experience and a half! I am now the proud owner of a tent and I am really looking forward to it.
My list so far consists of
·         Tent
·         Sleeping bag
·         Sleeping mat
·         Pillow
·         Torch
·         Picnic blanket
·         Tooth brush / paste
·         Wet wipes
·         Loo roll
·         Eye shadow and mascara
·         Hay fever tablets
·         Pain killers
·         Bug spray
·         Socks
·         Underwear
·         Tent pegs
·         Waterproof coat
·         Trail shoes
·         Willies
·         Pumps
·         A pair of tracky bottoms
·         Green t-shirt (I’m on the green team)
·         Swimming costume (there is a hot tub)
·         Leggings
·         Ladybird Costume (fancy dress party)
·         Sun dress
·         2 micro fleeces
·         PJ’s
Am I missing anything?


  1. I'd also take roll-on deodorant, dry hair shampoo like Batiste, hand sanitizer and some painkillers and plasters :)x

  2. It is a hen do!

    I've deo. Hand Sanatiser Stila dry shampoo. Some 2 in one shampoo and conditioner as dry shampoo makes my head itch and I can only go about 10 hours without looking greasy. Got pain killers but no plasters.

  3. Ps its nice to see people actually read what I put!


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