Sunday, 30 September 2012

OOTD Sunday

As you may have seen on Twitter i have almost used all my allowance on Picasa. Picasa is a new thing to me but what i have learnt is that all the pictures you put on your blog get saved there

I’ve had about 5 blogs since 2008 and as one of them was a photo blog that’s a heck of a lot of pictures. I have tried to make space by deleting at last 2 of the blogs and the photos associated with them and this has saved me around 2% of space.

There is still 2448 photo’s in there. I think I might delete some more as a lot of them aren’t needed I’m sure.

I’m experimenting with other photo sharing sites. I’ve had a Flickr account for a while but never really used it. So I thought I’d give it ago.

Not entirely sure about it as you can only upload so much a month for free and It seems to only do tiny pictures.
Any hints of tips are much appreciated.

Last Sunday I went to ASDA, it was quite chilly but I’m fluctuating between embracing autumn and rejecting it.

I wore my blue dress from River Island Size 18, Cardie from H&M Size XL, leggings from Next Size 18 and converse.

I also wore a brooch from Primark  



OOTD Sunday, a set on Flickr.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Feeling a bit 90s

Tuesday i dressed all in black. 

I do not like wearing all back and i don't know why i did it. 

I don't know what's wrong with me at the moment. i'm just not happy with anything i'm wearing. 
Dress Sainsburys £10 Size 22
Leggins Next £9 Size 20
Boots Tesco £15
Cardie Asda - Hand me down
 I didn't realise my dress was tucked into my leggins, this was fixed before i got to work

Later on in work with my socks keep popping out of my boots i felt a bit 90's. I had visions of being on Clarrissa Explains it all or Blossom. I always kinda wanted to be Six and i do vaguely remember having a velvet floppy hat. 
Not sure if it was the all back or what but i don't like this outfit. 

The dress is a brill dress but i think i  need to wear it with tights and shoes rather than boots and leggins.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Last Mondays OOTD

Don't hold this against me but i'm really struggling to blog each night so i'm going to be doing some bulk posts at the weekend and schedule the through out the week. 

I know some people don't really like scheduled post but unless i tell you its scheduled how would you know? 

I could tell you i wore this today and you'd have to believe me. Well i don't want to lie to you lovely lot. 

Another lie i'm not going to tell you is about this dress, I HATE this dress. 

Its a new one from ASDA and was only £3, but i'm really disappointed in it. 

It actually looks better in the pictures than i remember it doing in real life. 
Dress  ASDA Size 24 £3 
 The dress is a grey background with a pink and black leopard print design. I wore it with thick black tights and my boots fro Tesco.
One thing i do like is the buttons as i love all things button related. but the collar doesn't sit right and i just don't like it 
I will be wearing this again, well at least 2 more times to get my moneys worth! LOL 

I'm glad i only paid £3 for this dress and i can see why it was reduced so much. 

This dress is also on the small size its a size 24, when i bought it i tried it on and it was on a Size 18's hanger and i was pleased as it felt a bit big when i got it home i  was gutted to notice it was a size 24.  I don't really care about dress size but it was a bit gutting. 

you can read about the trying on here 

Going back to what i said about value for money, i remember reading in a magazine years ago about how to value your clothes on a per wear basis. 

Basically you divide how much an item cost by the number of times you've worn it. 

For example you buy a dress for £100 (clearly its not me spending £100 on a frock) 

You wear it once its a bit dear but if you can wear it 4 times it only £25 a wear and £25 for a posh frock is pretty good value right?!?!?!

My Jeans from New Look cost £11 and i have worn them 100's of times so they were practically free! 

Love the justification of this!

I also like buying things in the sales as i will be more inclined to wear it and wear the item more often as if you've paid a lot for them you will want to save them for best!!!

Does anyone else share my logic! :)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Another Weekend Another Dress

I'm really enjoying wearing dresses at the weekend and i don't i'd complain if i got told i could only wear dresses for the rest of my life. 

The weather yesterday was quite nice so i wore the dress i got from ASOS Curve. i wasn't quite brave enough not to go without a cardie so i wore my H&M one.
 I adore the neck detail on this dress, i think its a little bit different.
I also love these shoes, but sadly they are too small for my and by the time we were ready to go home my little toes were really painful! i'm not ready to part with them just yet.

Blog Buttons <------

Look Left, yep right over there arn't they cute?

What you might still be asking, they are my blog buttons. i have been coveting some these for quite some time.

although this blog has only been going for a few weeks, however i have been a blogger for a long time.

Pinterest once again has struck gold.

The pinterest took me to a link on craftiments  and there is also a link to a tutorial on how to put the buttons on your blog

I still haven't got all the buttons working. i can't figure out Instagram and email  but i will keep trying.

it is actually pretty simple, once you get the jist of what you are writing in the code.

Think it helps i have been dealing with SQL coding at work recently, this is so simple compared to SQL.

I also have a question. I didn't realise when you load a picture to Blogger it saves in to Picasa, when i went to save the blog button Icons to Picasa i noticed it says it is 98% full!

does that mean i won't be able to load any more photos. all the pictures on there are blog ones with the exception of a couple saved to Google+ that a rarely use.

Any Ideas?

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Black Skirt - The Hunt is On

One day last week i decided i need a knee legth black skirt for my winter work wardrobe. ideally i want one in Jersey or other none crease fabric as i don't do ironing. 

Twitter sent me a sign to look at ASDA - the sign said they sell them in ADSA.

I looked on line and spotted this one from the MODA range £12. (i have looked on line today and its down to £8)

Friday 14th September we went to Asda - Its not exactly what i want. its slightly too long, this is the standard length, in all the other sizes they also had a short length. 
ASDA MODA £12  £8
Saturday 14th September - I was on a trying on mood today and i spotted this jersey pencil skirt. 

I know its the wrong shape for me but decided to risk it,
Yep i was right, this is a no go!
Primark £7
Peacocks had the almost perfect skirt, 2 small issues, it was too small and made of Viscose = ironing = :0(
Peacocks Reduced to £9
The search is on

Friday, 21 September 2012

When bags speak

Although i haven't posted much about my handbag obsession i do love them. I do own a lot of them, and at one point every time i went in TK Maxx i'd come home with a new one. 

I have been being better recently, i did get a new one when i went to Leeds for the Fat swap which i need to photograph. 

Today i walked into TK Maxx on Saturday Afternoon and a bag shouted my name. 

Its loud, its bright, its totally not work (well not my work anyway) appropriate. it is also not in my price range and think a lot of my friends would laugh at it. Not that, that's ever stopped me. 

It was a bargain with an RRP £100.00 
 I didn't notice the brand, i'm sure a few of you are screaming the name of it and the rest are thinking wtf was i thinking.
Love it or hate it let me know?

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Peacocks Love

After the upsetting trying on sesh in Primark i decided to try my luck in Peacocks

I can confirm i had a much happier experience. My only gripe would be how dear is Peacocks these days? I'm glad Edinburgh Woollen Mill took them over but i think i will be waiting for the sales
Owl Jumper Size 20 Price ??? 16 ish
 Black with colour fleck jumper, on the hanger i love this, on not so much. it was too thick and bulky (insert sad face)
Jumper Size 20 - £18 ish
 Next up my favourite of the jumpers off the hanger, however on it felt too short.
Size 20 - £20
 I couldn't resist trying on a dress and i am in love. i love love love it.  I love the skirt portion of this dress. i want it. i really really want it.
Size 18 - £?? i don't care i want it
I also really want something in Dogtooth check. in past years i've not been a fan but this year there are some really nice things in this print. 

This shirt is far too small, one of the buttons popped open as soon as i put it on but i do love it.

Also on my quest for a black skirt i found this reduced as well a belt. 

The skirt was a bit too small and think it'd be a bugger to iron, so this is the style i want. 

Shirt - Size 20 - £16
Skirt - Size 18 - £9
 I'd like to give a final thanks to the door stop as it served as a hand hook for the self timed shots :0)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Saturday Adventures

You might have already read about my trip to the Dentist on Satuday, but i thought i share a little bit about the place where my dentist is in. 

It is in a Village called Uppermill, this is a little village in Saddleworth which is very pretty and quaint and has a big cafe culture 

We usually got to a Cafe called Java No 73, however it is also very popular and La mama couldn't get table, so she went to Fancy a Brew  we have walked passed this a number of times and they have a cute court yard with tables and chairs but it has always been raining when we've been past and Java has huge brollies to protect. 

I'm really glad she went in here as it was lovely, i had an americano and for £2.20 it was really nice. We also got a table in the sunshine which is also a bonus 

A while ago a went to a Ladies night with my Friend Nat at a new local business this was Highstreet Jacker and Victoria's Wardrobe. On Saturday i ask La Mama if she fancied a look round Victoria's wardrobe. High Street Jacker is out of my size range but as Victoria's wardrobe has a lot of Vintage clothes they have a wider range of sizes.
When i went the first time, i took a few pictures but my memory card failed and had to be formatted and lost all the pictures.
There are some very nice pieces but the biggest item i found was a 16/18s but i didn't like it. 
I adore this dress, i wish i could wear something like this.
Clothes are grouped by colour and this really adds to how nicely present the shop is.
What i also love is the hand written labels on the clothes. They not only detail the size and price but also have little comments. i did notice on some of them they had little amendments to sizes or comments such as the one below, which i think is really cute and shows they actually know what things they are stocking
Another nice touch was this scarf in the chaining cubical. There is nothing worse than buying an item from any shop only to realise it is caked in someone else's makeup
As ever we were drawn to the sale rail. My mum spotted a number of items but came away with the skirt shown below. 
Ralf Lauren Via Victoria's Wardrobe £15 
We then had a little trot through the park, i love the stepping stones, the picture is a bit cropped as there was a family on them and i didn't want to take their pictures

Over all a very pleasant day,  

Monday, 17 September 2012

Primark Sadness

On Saturday i went into Primark, as i have run out of money this month i decided to try a few things on that i like and might buy once i get paid.
Ahem well lets looks at the evidence. 

I found this shirt on the sale rail, however it didn't have a reduced price on it. As you can see i will not be buying this. its really short in length, tight across the whole boobicles and as you can see i needed to put my hand up to hide the old belly button.
Size 20 - £12 (possibly reduced) 
 Next up a dog print shirt, in the shop this is shown under a workwear dress and i love it everything about it, well that was until i tried it on. 

Do i look slightly more bedraggled than in the first photo? well i can explain, it was an effort to get this on i think i burnt 200 cals easily. 

Hurdle 1 getting my hands through the sleeves. there is no button to undo and it was hard work to get my had through. I got it fasten just, but there is no way i could wear this in public as you can see i's given up and took a picture flashing the belly button.
Size 20 - £12
 It was also painfully tight on the arms - OUCH
 Next up was a pretty dipped hem dress. Well well well, this is far as i managed to get it on
Size 18 - £10  sale
 My main reason for going to primark was on my quest for a black skirt. now as a pairshape i should know better than to try a pencil skirt but it was in jersey which i love (no ironing!!!)
Size 20 -£7 
 Please ignore my jeans, i really couldn't be bothered taking them off after the shirts ordeal. The smirk is me laughing at myself for keeping my jeans on

As you can she it is not looking good, lumps and bumps galore 
I came out of the shop feeling miserable. i am in desperate need of losing some poundage. i will never be slim but i do want to to feel better about myself in my clothes. 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

OOTD Sunday

Today i went to a motorbike show in Saddleworth. 

Its organised by a local Motorbike club and i know a couple of their members through my old slimming world group.

To be honest i never thought it'd be my cup of tea but the first one i went to 3 years ago was to help out on the slimming world stall promoting out group and i loved it,

Last year my friend who owns a sweet shop had a stall so i went down to say hello and then this year she also had a stall but to be honest i went more for the bikes. 

They raise money for Guide dogs which i think it a fantastic charity and it is always a good day. 

I decided to wear the orange dress i'd got from ASDA on Friday. when i wrote the post i said i thought it's work well for Autumn with brown tights and boots. 

I could only find wooly brown tights so i went for Leggins instead, which worked well as they keep you feeling protected without the need to keep rearranging yourself. 

I also dug out some brown boots from Primark. I normally only wear flats and while these have a pathetically small heel my legs are killing me now. 
Dress ASDA £6 (sale) Size 24
Leggins - Sainsburys £5 Size 20
Boots Primark past season
I'm a sucker for buttons and i adore the cute gold buttons on the dress. The dress gas belt loops but no belt so i'm going to look out for a thin gold belt. 

 The bus i got to the bike show didn't stop in the village i was going to so i had to cut through a public foot path that i have only ever walk up before not down! i'd forgotten how steep it was. This is one of the flatter parts of it. 
 The handy dry stone wall provided the perfect resting place for self time shots.
 The fallen leaves added to my Autumnal feel for the day. 
 Why do i always look unhappy and what am i doing with my leg. Although it was raining when i set off i didn't want to wear a waterproof coat (more fool me) i dug out my trusty asymmetric zipped coat from Tesco, kept me nice and Toasty even if it will have that aroma of wet dog coming from the wool for the next few days, 
How have you spent your Sunday? 

Do you want a post on the bike show?  


I am on the quest for black skirt, knee length, perfect for work but without being from the work wear aisle. 

Someone on twitter @Eclectic_Gina to be precise suggested ASDA. i looked on line and spotted this one
Picture is from Here 
We had a little trip to asda and i tried it on in a size 22. and while i liked it it felt a bit frumpy. i didn't take a picture of the top outside the skirt. ever though it looks too tight, it felt like it was going to fall down which is never a good look.

Skirt Size 22 ASDA  MODA £12
 However my mum found a short length version in her size and bought it, its amazing that although its only about 2 inches shorted it made all the difference. When i went to ASDA's website to get the image it has been reduced to £8. so i think my mum is none too pleased. but she is going to go to ASDA gain for me this week and see if she can get me a short length one.

I did come home with 2 new frocks. i've seen a lot of people comment on the lack of size 24's in their local ASDA's but the one i went to had 24 in pretty much everything i looked at. however i really wish the G21 went to at least a 22. I loved loads of stuff in that range.

I was browsing the sale rail and i spotted this dress reduced to £3. it was on an 18's hanger and i thought it might be too small, trying it on and it felt a bit big but for £3 i can cope. it was only when i got home i realised it was a 24! eeek labels don't matter really but i went from feeling ecstatic that a size 18 was too big to feeling miserable that a size 24 is only a little bit big! oh well it was £3 who cares!

 Another dress same situation, this one was £6 and again on an 18's hanger but is a 24. |I reck i'm 22 in ASDA and this orange dress only just fits, although it is clearly a summer dress i think with brown tights and boots it will work for Autumn as well

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