Monday, 17 September 2012

Primark Sadness

On Saturday i went into Primark, as i have run out of money this month i decided to try a few things on that i like and might buy once i get paid.
Ahem well lets looks at the evidence. 

I found this shirt on the sale rail, however it didn't have a reduced price on it. As you can see i will not be buying this. its really short in length, tight across the whole boobicles and as you can see i needed to put my hand up to hide the old belly button.
Size 20 - £12 (possibly reduced) 
 Next up a dog print shirt, in the shop this is shown under a workwear dress and i love it everything about it, well that was until i tried it on. 

Do i look slightly more bedraggled than in the first photo? well i can explain, it was an effort to get this on i think i burnt 200 cals easily. 

Hurdle 1 getting my hands through the sleeves. there is no button to undo and it was hard work to get my had through. I got it fasten just, but there is no way i could wear this in public as you can see i's given up and took a picture flashing the belly button.
Size 20 - £12
 It was also painfully tight on the arms - OUCH
 Next up was a pretty dipped hem dress. Well well well, this is far as i managed to get it on
Size 18 - £10  sale
 My main reason for going to primark was on my quest for a black skirt. now as a pairshape i should know better than to try a pencil skirt but it was in jersey which i love (no ironing!!!)
Size 20 -£7 
 Please ignore my jeans, i really couldn't be bothered taking them off after the shirts ordeal. The smirk is me laughing at myself for keeping my jeans on

As you can she it is not looking good, lumps and bumps galore 
I came out of the shop feeling miserable. i am in desperate need of losing some poundage. i will never be slim but i do want to to feel better about myself in my clothes. 


  1. The doggies shirt is my favourite!! Can't wait to go myself this friday to primark :) xx

  2. In the past I have shopped quite some times at Primark, but I have to say that I don't like it at all. The clothes don't fit, they have the weirdest sizes. I have problems with the boobie areas too and I also find the tops too short! And not to mention the sleeves that are way too long!! They need to change their standards!

    Thanks for following, lovely! I followed you back :)

    In honor of reaching 200 followers I have a giveaway on my blog and I'd love see you entering! You can check my giveaway here!

    Have an amazing week!!



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