Friday, 21 September 2012

When bags speak

Although i haven't posted much about my handbag obsession i do love them. I do own a lot of them, and at one point every time i went in TK Maxx i'd come home with a new one. 

I have been being better recently, i did get a new one when i went to Leeds for the Fat swap which i need to photograph. 

Today i walked into TK Maxx on Saturday Afternoon and a bag shouted my name. 

Its loud, its bright, its totally not work (well not my work anyway) appropriate. it is also not in my price range and think a lot of my friends would laugh at it. Not that, that's ever stopped me. 

It was a bargain with an RRP £100.00 
 I didn't notice the brand, i'm sure a few of you are screaming the name of it and the rest are thinking wtf was i thinking.
Love it or hate it let me know?


  1. I love it! Really cute, tkmaxx is ace isn't it? I need a bag :-(

    1. I love TK Maxx for bags, you can get some amazing bargains and for a reasonable price.

      the bag i'm using at the moment is from TK Maxx in Leeds when i went to the fat swap, i need to do a post on it

    2. I totally need bag inspiration. Cannot decide anything regarding it *style, make, colour!!


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