Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Notd- Tuesday

I wore a really nice outfit today. However I didn't take a photo.

So as a treat I thought I'd share my freshly painted nails

Infact I have only painted my left hand so far.

As mentioned before. I own more nail varnish than a small boots store

A vast amount was purchased from tk Hughes. Rip.

Long before they closed my local store was selling NYC polish for 30p a Bottle. At the time I'd not heard of NYC. And thought for 30p it'd be crap but worth the risk

The bottle I have chosen for tonight was still sealed. It also looked a bit runny but not separated (like all my nails inc)
The colour is a metallic navy. 243B nail glossies

It has gone on like a dream. One coat seems to be fine. As its getting on for half ten I think I will leave it at one as well.

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