Sunday, 16 September 2012

OOTD Sunday

Today i went to a motorbike show in Saddleworth. 

Its organised by a local Motorbike club and i know a couple of their members through my old slimming world group.

To be honest i never thought it'd be my cup of tea but the first one i went to 3 years ago was to help out on the slimming world stall promoting out group and i loved it,

Last year my friend who owns a sweet shop had a stall so i went down to say hello and then this year she also had a stall but to be honest i went more for the bikes. 

They raise money for Guide dogs which i think it a fantastic charity and it is always a good day. 

I decided to wear the orange dress i'd got from ASDA on Friday. when i wrote the post i said i thought it's work well for Autumn with brown tights and boots. 

I could only find wooly brown tights so i went for Leggins instead, which worked well as they keep you feeling protected without the need to keep rearranging yourself. 

I also dug out some brown boots from Primark. I normally only wear flats and while these have a pathetically small heel my legs are killing me now. 
Dress ASDA £6 (sale) Size 24
Leggins - Sainsburys £5 Size 20
Boots Primark past season
I'm a sucker for buttons and i adore the cute gold buttons on the dress. The dress gas belt loops but no belt so i'm going to look out for a thin gold belt. 

 The bus i got to the bike show didn't stop in the village i was going to so i had to cut through a public foot path that i have only ever walk up before not down! i'd forgotten how steep it was. This is one of the flatter parts of it. 
 The handy dry stone wall provided the perfect resting place for self time shots.
 The fallen leaves added to my Autumnal feel for the day. 
 Why do i always look unhappy and what am i doing with my leg. Although it was raining when i set off i didn't want to wear a waterproof coat (more fool me) i dug out my trusty asymmetric zipped coat from Tesco, kept me nice and Toasty even if it will have that aroma of wet dog coming from the wool for the next few days, 
How have you spent your Sunday? 

Do you want a post on the bike show?  

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  1. The dress looks great with the leggings and biits. I have the same problem! Anything with a bit if a heel and my feet and legs are killing me after an hour :/ x


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