Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hello and Thank You

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who follows me on twitter and GFC. Also hello to those people who read but don't interact. 

I started this blog as an extension to my weight loss blog that I stopped and hid the posts as I was just gaining weight week in week out. 

One of the things I was doing as part of that blog was taking pictures of what I was wearing each day. 

This initially was a way of recording how I looked in the clothes as I was recording my weight loss journey. 

I've just discovered you can post pics from within the blog (how did I not know this - if been blogging in various forms for over 3 years!)
Me at my Thinnest (2009/10)
 Sorry for the rubbish quality as I tended to use my IPod Touch. As you can see the makings of a PSBlogger in the midst 

I'm glad I didn't delete the posts. Yes I still need to lose weight but to be honest this isn't the be all and end all for me, I may not be as happy and healthy as I could be but I guess I need to learn to like myself before things can click into place. 

Through the many PSBloggers I’ve met on FB and now in real life I feel like I can be. 

There are loads of different groups and communities out there but I’m not looking for anything like that.

I want to enjoy my life and blog my clothes. Yes followers are nice but its quality not quantity.

One thing I would ask if you read this post please say hello, send me a link to your blog or twitter if  I’m not already following you. I love having blogs to read and I’m sure I’m missing loads. 

I know myself it’s had to find time to comment on posts I know myself I don't comment on everything I read but please say hello. 

I went through my GFC last night and a few people have no blog link or link to a Google+ not GFC. 

Thanks for reading 



  1. Love this post! You are so right that loving yourself is the most important thing! Once i did that the weight was not a problem. I am happy any size i may be my goal is being fit :) x

    1. Thank you for saying such nice things about this post.

      i think being fit is a good goal, i need to find some time to exercise as when i do it i enjoy it. its just getting in to gear i have a problem with xxx

  2. I have been in the same position as you, I started off doing a diet blog and kept failing so decided to scrap it. All that matters is you are happy and you are certainly right quality over quantity every time.

    Keep being the positive person you are!
    Callie x

    1. I think sometimes when i see others doing really well, i kind of lose my motivation and i know that is a really strange way of looking at things but i think its my anti-competitive streak!

      i need to focus on just me and what i am doing and let everyone else get on with what they want to do x

  3. Lovely post a big hello from me even though you know who I am and we've met in person xx

    1. HELLO! i do know who you are but still a big thank you for taking the time to comment xx


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