Saturday, 22 September 2012

Black Skirt - The Hunt is On

One day last week i decided i need a knee legth black skirt for my winter work wardrobe. ideally i want one in Jersey or other none crease fabric as i don't do ironing. 

Twitter sent me a sign to look at ASDA - the sign said they sell them in ADSA.

I looked on line and spotted this one from the MODA range £12. (i have looked on line today and its down to £8)

Friday 14th September we went to Asda - Its not exactly what i want. its slightly too long, this is the standard length, in all the other sizes they also had a short length. 
ASDA MODA £12  £8
Saturday 14th September - I was on a trying on mood today and i spotted this jersey pencil skirt. 

I know its the wrong shape for me but decided to risk it,
Yep i was right, this is a no go!
Primark £7
Peacocks had the almost perfect skirt, 2 small issues, it was too small and made of Viscose = ironing = :0(
Peacocks Reduced to £9
The search is on

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