Sunday, 23 September 2012

Blog Buttons <------

Look Left, yep right over there arn't they cute?

What you might still be asking, they are my blog buttons. i have been coveting some these for quite some time.

although this blog has only been going for a few weeks, however i have been a blogger for a long time.

Pinterest once again has struck gold.

The pinterest took me to a link on craftiments  and there is also a link to a tutorial on how to put the buttons on your blog

I still haven't got all the buttons working. i can't figure out Instagram and email  but i will keep trying.

it is actually pretty simple, once you get the jist of what you are writing in the code.

Think it helps i have been dealing with SQL coding at work recently, this is so simple compared to SQL.

I also have a question. I didn't realise when you load a picture to Blogger it saves in to Picasa, when i went to save the blog button Icons to Picasa i noticed it says it is 98% full!

does that mean i won't be able to load any more photos. all the pictures on there are blog ones with the exception of a couple saved to Google+ that a rarely use.

Any Ideas?


  1. Once you've used up your Picasa allowance then you're going to have to pay for extra space. If your delete the photos in the Picasa albums then you'll find yourself losing the images in your blog posts. It's really inexpensive to upgrade, though. I 'think' I pay less than £2 a month, but don't quote me on that. Hope that helps.

  2. Pay for space! Oh no! I think i will be deleting my not so great outfit post at that time :(


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