Monday, 24 September 2012

Last Mondays OOTD

Don't hold this against me but i'm really struggling to blog each night so i'm going to be doing some bulk posts at the weekend and schedule the through out the week. 

I know some people don't really like scheduled post but unless i tell you its scheduled how would you know? 

I could tell you i wore this today and you'd have to believe me. Well i don't want to lie to you lovely lot. 

Another lie i'm not going to tell you is about this dress, I HATE this dress. 

Its a new one from ASDA and was only £3, but i'm really disappointed in it. 

It actually looks better in the pictures than i remember it doing in real life. 
Dress  ASDA Size 24 £3 
 The dress is a grey background with a pink and black leopard print design. I wore it with thick black tights and my boots fro Tesco.
One thing i do like is the buttons as i love all things button related. but the collar doesn't sit right and i just don't like it 
I will be wearing this again, well at least 2 more times to get my moneys worth! LOL 

I'm glad i only paid £3 for this dress and i can see why it was reduced so much. 

This dress is also on the small size its a size 24, when i bought it i tried it on and it was on a Size 18's hanger and i was pleased as it felt a bit big when i got it home i  was gutted to notice it was a size 24.  I don't really care about dress size but it was a bit gutting. 

you can read about the trying on here 

Going back to what i said about value for money, i remember reading in a magazine years ago about how to value your clothes on a per wear basis. 

Basically you divide how much an item cost by the number of times you've worn it. 

For example you buy a dress for £100 (clearly its not me spending £100 on a frock) 

You wear it once its a bit dear but if you can wear it 4 times it only £25 a wear and £25 for a posh frock is pretty good value right?!?!?!

My Jeans from New Look cost £11 and i have worn them 100's of times so they were practically free! 

Love the justification of this!

I also like buying things in the sales as i will be more inclined to wear it and wear the item more often as if you've paid a lot for them you will want to save them for best!!!

Does anyone else share my logic! :)


  1. Haha I share your logic! That's also why I don't mind investing in a good bag, shoes or lipstick. Those are things you can wear endlessly. Then it also hurts less that you've paid so much money on it!

    I read what you wrote about the dress. I don't think you should wear things you don't feel comfortable in. Doesn't matter how much you like it! (Not the case with this dress obviously haha)
    If you don't feel comfortable in clothing, it'll show. Wear things you feel comfortable and beautiful in and that's how you will look!


    1. Hi sorry it's taken me ages to reply.

      I do like the theory of this dress not sure it works on me.

  2. I tried this on when it was full price and it really didn't suit me £3 is a bargain price though xx

    1. It was a bargain and tbh if it'd had been any more than a diver I'd have walked away.

      Need to find a better way of wearing it.

  3. I love this dress! Have you tried unbuttoning it more and maybe wear a cami under it so as not to flash the boobs too much ;)

    1. Thanks Hun. You've got first refusal on it when I decide to part with it.

      I wore it again today. Buttons undone a bit and with a vest and leggings and it was better but still not digging it.

  4. I got this dress too and it's a tricky one to wear!


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