Thursday, 20 September 2012

Peacocks Love

After the upsetting trying on sesh in Primark i decided to try my luck in Peacocks

I can confirm i had a much happier experience. My only gripe would be how dear is Peacocks these days? I'm glad Edinburgh Woollen Mill took them over but i think i will be waiting for the sales
Owl Jumper Size 20 Price ??? 16 ish
 Black with colour fleck jumper, on the hanger i love this, on not so much. it was too thick and bulky (insert sad face)
Jumper Size 20 - £18 ish
 Next up my favourite of the jumpers off the hanger, however on it felt too short.
Size 20 - £20
 I couldn't resist trying on a dress and i am in love. i love love love it.  I love the skirt portion of this dress. i want it. i really really want it.
Size 18 - £?? i don't care i want it
I also really want something in Dogtooth check. in past years i've not been a fan but this year there are some really nice things in this print. 

This shirt is far too small, one of the buttons popped open as soon as i put it on but i do love it.

Also on my quest for a black skirt i found this reduced as well a belt. 

The skirt was a bit too small and think it'd be a bugger to iron, so this is the style i want. 

Shirt - Size 20 - £16
Skirt - Size 18 - £9
 I'd like to give a final thanks to the door stop as it served as a hand hook for the self timed shots :0)

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