Saturday, 1 September 2012

Sunshine Award

I've been Nominated by the lovely Evi over on Sexta-feira for the Sunshine Award.

Best beverage? Coke Zero
Best Dog?     Spot, who belonged to my Grandparents when i was little
Best Cat?      My cat Kitty-Anne
Best Holiday?   oh i read this as a Holiday as in a Vacation, but as vacation is listed separately  i'm guessing this will be more a bank holiday type holiday - well i will go for May day as its close to my birthday! :)
Best shopping for clothing?  Supermarkets or Primark
Best treat?     Sports Mixture
Best book?    Gosh i read lots of books but ones that stand out for me are The Help / My Sisters Keeper / To Kill a Mockingbird 
Best Vacation?      Not sure i can pick just one, but i think Australia when i was 14 has to be one of the best
Best jewelry?    Primark
Best season?   Spring

So who to Nominate?


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