Thursday, 6 September 2012

Challenging Self #2 - Dresses on the Weekend

Hi all,

Leading on from my first post Challenging Self #1 - Belts, I started to think about other things i never do and think that i should change.

From Friday to Sunday i almost always wear jeans unless i'm going on a night out, so I've decided to try and wear dresses at the weekend (Friday - Sunday)

I've decided to try this for 4 weeks initially, the 4 weeks are now officially up and i've done it and to be honest it wasn't a hardship at all, its worked out really well as i've had things planned for each of the weekends so i wasn't just slobbing at home so no one was any the wiser and thought it was odd i'd put a dress on. not that they would. i keep saying this but TBH i wear dresses monday - friday without a thought so why the weekend would be different is anyones guess.

I wore a dress on a Sunday to Lees Village Fair!

I went to Skipton for the weekend with my mum and i wore a dress on the weekend, it doesn't look like i've got a photo but it might be on the main PC, i will try and add it in at some point 


This weekend i went to Lytham Proms with my Mum and i only took dresses, the reason for this was more practical i'm afraid. The British Weather, can be so unpredictable and i was taking wellies if it rained, so i decided i could layer up in dresses rather than walk round with soggy hems of jeans. 

I still can't believe this picture is in Blackpool

we had a trip to Manchester shopping, the weather was mixed so again i decided rather than risk soggy hems i'd wear a frock. This is a sun-dress from C&A in Fuerteventura. I really need to invest in some better Bra's but being around a 40B it isn't always easy. 

Dress C&A 9 Euros

I really need to get myself a photographer

 I love wearing dresses and i think with the exception of next weekend (but not totally ruling it out, dresses will be featuring in my weekend wardrobe! 

do you have a different weekend wardrobe to during the week?

I have been trying to keep this up and i'm happy to report with the exception of the Hen Do i went on (i did wear a skirt as part of my fancy dress costume)  And bank holiday weekend, when i wore a dress on Bank Holiday Monday (still counts right?) I have worn a dress every weekend, and its not been an effort and i'm really enjoying wearing them.

All i need to do now is feel comfortable in a Skirt. Any Tips?


  1. love the dresses! Do you feel more girly in a dress? Can you make your pics bigger in posts please. They are quite hard to see details when they are small :) X

    1. I'm not sure if i feel more girly, i do feel more comfortable in a dress most of the time as you don't have to worry about tops riding up etc. but i'm still a bit of a tom boy and love jeans, i would live in them if work had a more relaxed dress code. x

  2. yay! can see you now :) The third dress in pale blue looks lovely on! and the last one is my perfect shade of blue! x

    1. i love the last dress, its really comfy, just not sure the top half looks right but for 9 euros i'm not complaining!


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