Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Saturday Adventures

You might have already read about my trip to the Dentist on Satuday, but i thought i share a little bit about the place where my dentist is in. 

It is in a Village called Uppermill, this is a little village in Saddleworth which is very pretty and quaint and has a big cafe culture 

We usually got to a Cafe called Java No 73, however it is also very popular and La mama couldn't get table, so she went to Fancy a Brew  we have walked passed this a number of times and they have a cute court yard with tables and chairs but it has always been raining when we've been past and Java has huge brollies to protect. 

I'm really glad she went in here as it was lovely, i had an americano and for £2.20 it was really nice. We also got a table in the sunshine which is also a bonus 

A while ago a went to a Ladies night with my Friend Nat at a new local business this was Highstreet Jacker and Victoria's Wardrobe. On Saturday i ask La Mama if she fancied a look round Victoria's wardrobe. High Street Jacker is out of my size range but as Victoria's wardrobe has a lot of Vintage clothes they have a wider range of sizes.
When i went the first time, i took a few pictures but my memory card failed and had to be formatted and lost all the pictures.
There are some very nice pieces but the biggest item i found was a 16/18s but i didn't like it. 
I adore this dress, i wish i could wear something like this.
Clothes are grouped by colour and this really adds to how nicely present the shop is.
What i also love is the hand written labels on the clothes. They not only detail the size and price but also have little comments. i did notice on some of them they had little amendments to sizes or comments such as the one below, which i think is really cute and shows they actually know what things they are stocking
Another nice touch was this scarf in the chaining cubical. There is nothing worse than buying an item from any shop only to realise it is caked in someone else's makeup
As ever we were drawn to the sale rail. My mum spotted a number of items but came away with the skirt shown below. 
Ralf Lauren Via Victoria's Wardrobe £15 
We then had a little trot through the park, i love the stepping stones, the picture is a bit cropped as there was a family on them and i didn't want to take their pictures

Over all a very pleasant day,  

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