Thursday, 13 September 2012

Things you discover on a Blog Hop

I barely count myself as a fatshion blogger let alone a make-up one, however I do love reading beauty blogs, I have posted the odd make up post and over the weekend there was a 

I did post my link, hope no one minds, with that in mind I thought I’d do some make up posts. I did a NOTD post. 

In my hopping I did see this Barry M Lip paint I spotted it on Laura's Blog. I spotted it initially on her post Forgotten Finds  then I clicked through to read her initial post on it

I do remember another magic lipstick that was about a couple of years ago and I can’t remember what brand it was. I do remember me and 3 friends all trying it before a night out and ooo’ing about it. I never did get round to buying one for myself.

This one appealed to me as its Green, not only is green one of my favourite colours it also has that shock factor, while I don’t really like drawing attention to myself I do want this to be noticed.

My initially reaction is that I love it, my lips go a quite subtle natural pink colour, as mentioned by many other people it is more of a lipgloss type texture but it is long lasting and for me who is not really  make up wearer a nice compromise.

This has found a place in my daily work make up – at the moment it is the only item

I Love Barry M packaging

The Details 

OOOO green. 

I am planning on taking some pictures of me wearing this but I haven't got round to it as yet.

One more point on the #BBlogger Blog hop is, be careful of some of the links especially around the 70-80 numbers as I’ve managed to infect my work computer with some potential threats and I did notice one of the links it opened was to a dirty video that wouldn't close.

I know there is no real way to monitor these beforehand but I’d recommend running an antivirus scan on your computer if you have been clicking on the links.

Saying this I would really like to see another Blog Hop organised


  1. Wonderful post dear :)

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