Saturday, 18 August 2012

Challenging Self #4 - Skirts

Skirts are not my friend.

I like skirts but I don’t like how they sit on me, I always seem to have the hem in the wrong place, every time I walk past something reflective I notice they are too high at the front or the back, or they've twisted round or all of the above.

I tend to avoid them for this reason, but a few weeks ago I dug out my Purple skirt from Peacocks and wore it, so I’ve decided to try and wear a skirt at least once a week.

Although I own a few skirts I only have a couple that fit me, so I’m going to have to try and cut out some junk and try and slim, now I’m not going crazy and re-joining WW or SW just going to try and cut back and get in to some more of my clothes.

It’s a few weeks since I wrote the above and I have been making an effort to wear a skirt once a week, it has been a different skirt except once when I wore the purple skirt again as I do love it.

Also in the weeks I’ve only bought 1 234 skirts and one of them is for a fancy dress outfit and will never be worn again!

It started with a Blog award one of the things about me was 10) I rarely wear skirts and they don't like me. From then on I’ve made the effort.

 Skirt 1: Purple pleated skirt from Peacocks, this was in the sale just before Christmas last year, and they had it in bright red I wish I’d got that as well.

Skirt 2: Navy Swallow print skirt from Primark, I was very unsure about this as its got a dipped hem and I haven’t been a massive fan. I love the print and the fact that is jersey but I adore it. I’m still not convinced it work appropriate but I have worn it for work about 3 times and not been told off 

Skirt 3: Black Maxi Skirt from Matalan. I got this a year or more and it’s a size 16. I had lost some weight when I got it but I don’t think it’s too tight. I never know what to wear it with but I felt like I needed some comfort so went for a Zara stripy top

Skirt 4: Chili and floral print skirt from Primark, I love love love this skirt, the only problem is it’s a tad too small. Don’t get me wrong I can get in it and it looks ok but after wearing it all day for work I’d swollen in to it and had to physically wrestle it off over my head! 
Skirt 5: a yellow flowery skirt from Primark - I haven't worn this yet it was an impulse buy and may be returned

I have really enjoyed wearing skirts over the last few week and I will definitely try and wear one at least a week.


  1. Skirts suit you, I really like that black one with the striped top and the polka dot one. I have to get my arse in gear big time, since I quit WW and smoking I'm just slowly putting the weight back on and I've a wedding dress to fit into in October! Baby steps, eh? xx

    1. thanks for the compliments, i do like wearing skirts i never feel entirely comfortable.

      i've got 2 weddings end of October and Mid November (10/11/12)

      i did SW and lots 3.5 stone and felt so much better for it. sadly i then lost the plot. i tried the latest WW online but even tho' i stuck to it i gained about 3.5KG. i'm going to try calorie counting and trying to make better choices etc and see how i go.

      good luck your self xxx


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