Saturday, 11 August 2012

Blackpool Shopping

Dotty P's had a sale on, not sure it its still on as my local store closed months ago.

we went to the concession in BHS and i got £56 worth for £6! can i get a woo woo, items reduced to £1 or £2 then buy one get one free, the girl had to put them through in 3 transactions as they were playing silly beggers
i also got this very bright bag £5 instead of £30 from Accessories
 A HK pen from Smiths
 You weren't allowed to take food in to the hotel but we snook 2 wispas in shhh
 got some nrew books, i've just finished the Sophie Hannah one and it was fab
 magazines and paper to keep us entertained

 i also bought a frock from DP £10 size 18, could have done with a 20 at least but as in sale this would be ok, i need to downsize the belly

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