Sunday, 12 August 2012

Review of Yours Clothing Shop

Hi all,

I'm trying to find time to blog, i keep saying this and its  true, I've got a few draft posts on the go but they are on going posts and not ready to be posted but i wanted to do a quickish post on my trip to the Yours Shop in Manchester yesterday.

This shop doesn't initially draw me in and being honest in the past I've walked past and thought it was just another ex market stall come shop, but a while ago i was looking for a 80's esk Jacket, the ones that are in at the moment, edge to edge and or waterfall front. I'd seen one in primark but even the 20's was too small so i nipped in and found one in the sale and tried a few items to try on. I was impresses with the friendliness of the staff and the honest opinions they gave, i tried on some chinos (I've been after a pair for ages) I tried some on, now i never normally come out of the cubical unless I've got someone with me but as the changing rooms are so HOT i had to and the girl said to me in a nice way maybe Chinos are not for me! Never has a shop assistant been so honest. as i was handing the other things back to me she said she also struggled and i confessed to not having worn trousers other than jeans for months as they just don't fit me and she was so nice.

I've been into the one in Manchester a few times but I've never had the time to try things on.

yesterday i went in and there were 2 assistants having a chat and straight away they stopped and asked me if i was OK and needed any help, they smiles and were friendly without being overbearing.

I had a look round and picked up a few items. Off to the UBER HOT changing rooms, the girl who saw me in told me to give her a shout if i needed help and i actually felt that she meant this.

While i was in there a woman came out and asked for an opinion and the girl gave it and it sounded genuine, i wanted to peek out and check it was an honest one but was in a state of undress so didn't bother, the same customer asked if they had something and the girls said she didn't know she discreetly checked the customers size (meaning i didn't hear what size the customer was) and went to look and brought back some things for her.

Size 20, fitted but too tight on the old boobs 

Same as above but a 22 and too big everywhere but the boobs, I'm only a B/C cup so got help anyone else 
 The next dress i loved on the shop dummy and the hanger but was really underwhelmed by it on me. I think its too long for me I'm around 5'5 /6" tall
 I've tried to capture the dip, but not sire if you can tell. for £35 i think its quite expensive for what it is, but it has so much potential.
 The next dress i almost didn't try on, its shirt style dress but only buttons to the waist (big plus in my book) this is a size 20 and is a tad too small but i love it. again at £35 its out of my budget but i will be looking out for it in the sale.
 This is the dress I've been lusting after for a couple of weeks, again i was a bit underwhelmed by it. it looks mega creased which possibility isn't helping its cause, i DO NOT IRON!
 The length on both ends of the dip is good and the colour hasn't shown up well on the photo's is lovely.  it was on the sale rail marked at £25. out of all the items i tried on this is what i would be most likely to buy.
However i am skint! so i had to leave empty handed.

Hen do's weddings and Lytham proms are making me poor. I've only been on one hen do and to one wedding so far!

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