Monday, 20 August 2012

Wedding Crashing

On Wednesday night I went to a wedding reception, I didn’t technically crash as I was a plus 1.

My friend has a sweet shop and she’d done a sweet buffet and yes that is as good as it sounds. She asked me to be her plus one.

The initial idea was to go home have some tea and her pick me up in a taxi on the way.
I ended up working 25 mins longer than usual and missing my bus home.

I had thought she needed to set the buffet up before the night reception started so I tried ringing her and texting her to say I’d meet her up there about half 7.

I was at the point of no return when she said she couldn’t be there till 8pm!

I decided to sit in the pub and jot down some blog ideas in my blogging book

I did have a glass of vino with lemonade in it. The people near me clearly thought I’d been stood up.

Then I had a little stroll up the road and took a few scenery shots.

When she arrived we went through to the reception and the venue is so beautiful, if I get married I want it to be at a similar place.

In the foyer that had a Star strobe light which was just so pretty and their theme was stars, I don’t know if they had brought that themselves or if it is always there.

The wedding cake was amazing. I’ve always liked the idea of cupcakes but I do love a traditional 3 tier and theirs was the perfect mix.

The table centres were beautiful. I tried to take a picture but they didn’t turn out great.

The buffet was Thai Green Curry, Fish pie or Lancashire Hotpot. I had some curry and fish pie and they were yummy.  

I’m not sure what else I can tell you. I had a fab night and far too much wine for a 6am start the next day!


  1. Oh I love their cake! I hope you had a great time, it sounded like a brilliant night x

    1. it was such a lovely night, the cake was very impressive. i said to my friend if i ever get married thats exactly the cake i'd want x

  2. Hello!
    I've nominated you for an award!

    1. Thank you, i will pop over and have a look x


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