Tuesday, 17 July 2012

OOTD Tuesday

i'd like to start by saying i'm in a bad mood, i'm been grumpy all day also known as Angry Steph coined by a colleague!

i will try to be cheerful but i can't promise, i also have developed ear ache and toothache and a headache!

Ok here goes OOTD... that needs its own jingle.

Shoes TK Maxx - i've also realised they are a brand XTI  which is a brand i've seen and noticed in Spain (it is a spanish brand i think) but as i don't really go in shoe shops (ahem you'd think i was lying if you saw how many pairs of shoes i own) i haven't noticed them in the UK.

Dress - you've seen this before but only in the changing rooms when i bought it now you get to see it in the toilets.... ooo i do spoil you!

Cardie - F&F a million years ago

Leggins - Next


  1. i have nominated you for The Liebster Blog Award xxxx


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