Tuesday, 24 July 2012

OOTD Tuesday

Evening all, 

When I came home from work last night there was an Asda bag on my bed and in it was this dress, with 3 other things that are all going back (me no likey- i might post them) My mum had taken back the NEXT sale bargains i'd got her and spent my money one me. 

I love this dress it was only £4.00 in the sale and its a beach dress i'm assuming. Its a really nice cotton dress with a drawstring waist which i covered with a belt to make it less beachy.
I love the length which was just right for work and bonus it has pockets. Listen up dress designers girls like pockets! 
I'm also trying to wear more jewellrey for work, i own so much its a shame not to. its almost all cheapy so it's not like it matters if it gets ruined. 

This bracelet is from Fund Grube in Fuerteventura, its mean to have special meaning or power to do with blood and healing. i can't remember what its called and not entirely sure what it's meant to do or if it will work but i think its really pretty and i love the colour

 I almost always wear a ring, this one is from Accessorise. It is on my wedding finger and no i'm not married. i really struggle with rings as the chubby fingers and i get really bad eczema between my 3rd and 4th finger on my right hand.

What did you wear today you wouldn't normally?

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