Monday, 16 July 2012

OOTD Monday

Back to work today, and due to a nice weather weekend I managed to get to the bottom of my washing basket and it's like getting a whole new wardrobe.

Shoes - TK Maxx

iPod Picture 

Dress - New Look Inspire sale a few months ago, it did come with an animal print belt but I ditched that as soon as I got the dress. Belts rarely fit me or suit me or are comfortable, does anyone else struggle with belts?

Camera Picture 
 That was just a little experiment to see the quality difference. At dinner time even though it was raining I decided to go for a walk and try and get some pictures of me in settings other than the loos. I'm going to struggle as I don't have a significant other to take lovely photos of me so I'm a in the mirror self-timer kind of girl. 
Seeing what the camera would take 
I look very grumpy, 12 seconds isn't enough time to smile

It was raining very hard and there weren’t many places that were suitable to balance the camera on not sure I like the wonky bridge shot. 
How do you take your pictures of self? Partner, Parent, Child, Self-timer? 


  1. I tend to take photos in the mirror as my other half is pretty useless and takes more of the sky than of me :)

    I have this dress and I love it.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your ASOS purchases! x

  2. love the dress my hubby takes my pictures he likes to take ones when I'm not ready so I'm pulling funny aces bit sometimes they end up looking good and i use them xx


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