Monday, 23 July 2012

OOTD Monday

Today i wore one of the Dresses i bought from ASOS, this was the dress i liked most online but least in real life.

The fabric was a lot thinner than i expected it to be and was slightly see through. 

BUT it is really comfy and despite its faults it has a number of pluses, i live the neck line detail of the V and the button, it has pockets ( a major plus) and more buttons on the pockets.

Another thing i don't like is the join between the top and the skirt but i wore a belt to bridge the gap. 

I wore it with leggins to combat the see through-ness, but no one commented on that and everyone said it looks nice on. 

I feel a little screwed up in it and this pic was taken at the start of the day so goodness know what i looked at at the end of the day. 

I did wear it with a cardie from Tesco that has coral and green dragonfly's on but i can't find the picture on my phone. 
Shoes are by next

PS i've started a new twitter account @sheselec for #PSBlogger stuff as i have a lot of "real" people on my @stefi__J account and i'd like to keep things seperate.

It's a locked account but please add me i've tried to add people i'm already following but i will have missed people

i've also joined bloglovin'. not sure what i'm doing on there either, but please follow me.

Also how do you get the fab grab buttons / widgets to link to twitter pinterest etc xxx
Love Stefi

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