Friday, 13 July 2012

ASOS Curve - Part 1 The Order

Last night after looking through a few blogs i discovered Linzerello Fatshion now I've followed her WW blog for quite some time and not sure how i missed the fact she had a fashion blog. some lovely posts go and read it.

Through her i discovered ASOS Curve . I'm not a massive fan of online shopping, if i want something i need it here and now. I also like to be able to feel fabrics and try things on, but 3 8 things caught my eye.

I've ordered 4 of them. The links are below

Dress 1

Dress 2

Dress 3

I've taken advantage of the free 6 day deliver and had things sent to work (ops hope i don;t get shouted at!)

I was also impressed they offer a delivery to collection points which tends to be corner shops looking at the places on offer in my area, including the shop on my street, which will be a bonus if work shout at me and i decide to order more items!

i was also impressed to see a next day evening delivery option £7.95, which if you are desperate for your order could be worth paying. this offered a slot between 4PM and 10PM.

I',m hoping i love everything I've ordered and more importantly it fits. I'm almost wishing I'd paid for next day delivery but I'm sure I'll get over it :0)


  1. Ooops I didn't just find your blog and then order that asos top... :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out lady! ASOS Curve rocks :)

    Looking forward to seeing more outfits from you x

  3. Thanks both, the clothes are fab, the top is a bit small on the hips and big on the boobs, but will try it on again.

    Linz i love your blog and its all your fault i bought these things hehe x


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